Saturday, 24 August 2013

Steve Ballmer will retire within a period of next 12 months

The CEO of Mirosoft, Steve Ballmer, have announced his retirement. He said that he will retire within a period of 12 months until the next CEO of the company will arrive. Steve Ballmer was a very good CEO and represented his products very interestingly, though Ballmer tried very hard to sell his products but he was not quite successful in that purpose. Xbox is the only one that is the most popular among Microsoft's products.

I think that it is a good move taken by Microsoft. Though they don't face any major financial problems but still there products have never gained much popularity. So let's wait and watch who will be the new CEO and what changes can he make for this company.


  1. Xbox is most successful? You're forgetting windows and office. they are the two main cash cows of Microsoft. Products never gained much popularity? Windows is the most popular desktop operating system and office is the most popular office soulution.

  2. Abhishek i was talking about Hardware, not software. I wrote this post in a very limited time so i was not able to tell everything!