Monday, 26 August 2013

Windows Phone: The Future

Windows Phone is the world's third largest mobile platform. The app situation has improved, 3 major updates have been dished out to windows phone 8, Windows phones have the best cameras in the market and yet,the platform is still to catch up to iOS and Android. The Future of windows phone might just be bright, as Windows phone GDR3 and Windows Phone 8.1 promise to add many new features to the platform, just like Mango did to WP7. Let us talk about the future of Windows phone 8,and find out what exactly Windows Phone GDR3 and 8.1 will bring to the platform.

Windows Phone GDR3

Windows Phone GDR3 ( General Distribution Release 3 ) will most likely bring what Windows Phone users have been asking for for a long while now, namely a notification center. Microsoft admitted that they ran out of time while creating Windows Phone 8 and so could not include a notification center. Microsoft looks to correct that with Windows Phone GDR3 and an early version of the notification center was leaked recently. You can see what it looks like in the picture below.

The Windows Phone notification Center

 Apart from a notification center , GDR3 also looks to bring support for 1080p displays and Quad core processors, and while windows phones don't really need quad core processors to begin with, It's good to see that Microsoft is bringing windows Phone on par with Android in terms of display resolution and cores.

Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 is an entirely new version of Windows Phone, and the successor to Windows Phone 8. It is part of Microsoft's Windows Blue program , and will pack in a whole barrage of new features. We can only speculate on what this major update will bring.


The future looks bright for windows phone. These two major updates will  bring in a whole plethora of new features, and Windows phone users should rejoice as all windows phone 8 devices will get these updates. The question is when. For non, windows phone users, will these updates and their new features finally give you a good reason to upgrade? Leave your answers in the comments below!
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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Steve Ballmer will retire within a period of next 12 months

The CEO of Mirosoft, Steve Ballmer, have announced his retirement. He said that he will retire within a period of 12 months until the next CEO of the company will arrive. Steve Ballmer was a very good CEO and represented his products very interestingly, though Ballmer tried very hard to sell his products but he was not quite successful in that purpose. Xbox is the only one that is the most popular among Microsoft's products.

I think that it is a good move taken by Microsoft. Though they don't face any major financial problems but still there products have never gained much popularity. So let's wait and watch who will be the new CEO and what changes can he make for this company.
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Monday, 19 August 2013

Must have app-Drippler for Android

Your smartphone is the thing that lives with you more than anything else in your life, more than even any human being. So you want to stay updated about your device all the time. You don't want to miss any news about your device. You want to know all the cool things, tips and tricks to make your device better. Rather than looking all over the internet there is a very cool app that can make it easier and enjoyable for looking information about the app. The name of the app is "Drippler".

Drippler is a very good looking and interactive app which provides latest info about your device. Installation is very simple, just download the app from play store and run it, the app will automatically detect your device and then you are good to go. In case it does not detect your device then you can select your device manually. The app provides different types of information about your device. In this post we will assume that I have a galaxy note 2 and I will talk in regard to that device, don't worry drippler app works with all the devices, it is just an assumption that I have made.
The app has a card like interface with different menus containing: All drips, News and Tips, Apps and Games. You get different types of post related to your device. Some of the post may not particularly be related to only your device but those posts are very helpful. The news and tips section contain different kind of info about your device like software updates, how to get out of any trouble with your device if any, awesome accessories for your device, and all other awesome stuff. The games and app section suggest you some of the best apps and games supported by your device, inform you if a new awesome app like new version of angry birds is released etc. 

When you click on any post it displays the info and photos contained in the article. You can also share and favorite any post. Drippler also provides the source from where the info has been picked. 

Drippler has very few and easily understandable settings which majorly includes notification settings. There is a very good feature about drippler. The feature is that it gives you one helpful drip everyday by notifying you in your notification bar.

At the end I would suggest you to install drippler on your phone as it provides you almost all kinds of information that you need about your device.
Drippler is available for download for free in the play store.
Download link: Drippler

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Nokia to announce a device on August 28

Press invites from Nokia suggest that Nokia is going to have an event on August 28 to be held in Moscow, Russia. According to leaked info, Nokia will announce a tablet running Windows RT and a phablet with a full HD screen. Well there is nothing confirmed yet but lets hope that everything goes positive as this company has to push hard to cope up with there rivals.

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

LG G2-All you need to know

LG have announced the LG G2, yes you heard right LG have not included the 'Optimus' in the name. Its just LG G2. Its the latest flagship for LG. LG has not been as successful as Samsung in case of Smartphones. But it seems LG is trying to bringing something new to the table with the LG G2. So without wasting further time lets take a look what this new device from LG has to offer.

The LG G2 is the first device to offer the lock-screen and volume buttons on the back of the phone just below the camera. LG claims that this type of design is better and comfortable to use a smartphone rather than having the buttons on the sides or the top. So the phone is completely free of buttons on the sides, top and bottom. This also helps in reducing the bezels to lot more extent. The LG G2 has a very thin bezel with a width of just 2.6mm, which is very thin.

The screen is a 5.2 inch full HD 1080p IPS display wihch has a brightness rating of 450nits meaning it is slightly more brighter than any other 1080p display currently. The display also has Graphic Ram(GRAM) which helps in consuming 26% less battery when the phone is displaying a still image.The display is also an EDGE-TO-EDGE display.

LG G2 is the first smartphone to offer a 13 Mega-Pixel Camera with Optical Image Stabilization(OIS). It can record 1080p videos @60fps which means you can get a super smooth slow motion video. The camera can also be accessed easily by just pressing the volume down button for 3 sec when the phone is in sleep.

The G2 is powered by a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of Ram. LG claims that the processor used in the G2 is the best mobile processor out there till now. it also has Adreno 320 GPU. The phone has 16 or 32GB of storage and offers a microSD card slot which supports expansion upto 64 GB.

The LG G2 has some new features like double tapping on the screen will wake it up and double tapping on any blank area on the home screen will set to sleep. LG G2 offers some new kind of screenshots which let you capture a whole e-mail or a webpage in just one screenshot rather than taking a screenshot of what is being displayed only on the screen.
The G2 runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, its has LTE-Advanced technology, Dual-Band Wifi, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. It also has an Infrared Blaster(IR) to control your home entertainment system such as TV's.

LG G2 has a 300 mAh non-removable battery. LG claims that this battery has a new technology with which it provides more power by taking very little space. Overall LG claims you will get 10% more battery from the G2.
The most interesting point about the G2 is the design. It is very thin smartphone with extremely thin bezels and the buttons only on the back. This is a new design in the market and lets hope it is makes a good place for itself. 

We have a full review coming soon so stay connected as its gonna be awesome to review this phone! 
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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sony's latest update improves performance for Xperia Z and ZL

Sony's latest updates for Xperia Z and ZL have improved the performance of both the devices. The update is based on Android 4.2.2. Some of the enhancements in this update are:
  • More smooth Boot animation
  • Efficient RAM management
  • Home launcher is smoother, no more lag
  • Update Center has new UI
  • 3G Signal strength improved
  • Touch response is improved a lot
  • Faster sleep and wake
  • Low-light image quality improved
  • Changes in car mode app
  • High resolution image snapping while recording a non-HDR video
  • No screen flickering
  • No unusual battery reading bug
IT is good to see Sony still trying to make there older flagship's better in all prospective.
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LG releases flip covers for LG G2 which is still to be officially announced

LG released flip cover for there upcoming flagship which will be named as the LG G2 . This is a very bad and funny news for an OEM to announce the Cover for there phone which is still yet to be officialy announced. Yes we had some leaked photos confirming the phone and a video which completely showcased the phone and almost confirmed it but still the phone is not official yet. This is a very stupid step by LG.
Speaking of the Flip Covers, these covers are nice and cute. The concept of these cover is definitely from the S View cover for Galaxy S4. It is good to see various color options which makes a point for the phone to be available in different color options, which is actually a good thing. 
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Microsoft releases Office 365 app for Android

Microsoft has released Office 365 app for android users. This app lets you edit your docs on phone and then sync them with skydrive. This app gives you access to edit Word, Excel and Power Point documents. The interface of this app is decent, it is not the best but will not either frustrate you.

Office 365 for Android also comes with many limitations like it requires Android version 4.0+, it is only available for phones and not for tablets which is very disappointing, for using office 365 you will need to get subscription from whereas on windows phone it is free and come preinstalled.
We hope that in future updates Microsoft might bring some good additional features to this app for Android. 
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Friday, 26 July 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a mixture of Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy Camera. The Phone has a big Zoom Lens behind, making it look like a Camera from behind and a phone from front. The galaxy S4 Zoom has nothing to much in common in with the flagship Galaxy S4. Lets find out what this Camera phone has to offer in our review.

Hardware and Design:
                                    The phone is made out the same material as other samsung phones are usually made out of i.e. plastic. It has the same hyper glace finish which makes the phone glossy.On the right side there is the power button, volume rocker and the camera button, on the left side there is a tripod port, on the bottom there is a microUSB port and on the top there is a 3.5mm headphone jack. The phone has a big Zoom lens which sometimes might cause problem while handling the phone.
                                                                                              It has an internal storage of 8GB(5GB available) with 1.5 GB of Ram and a microSD card slot, which can take upto 64GB cards. The phone has a 233 mAh removable battery.
Galaxy S4 Zoom
             The S4 Zoom has a 4.3" 540x960 Super Amoled display which gives it a pixel density of 256ppi. The Display is protected by Corning Gorilla glass 3. This display is not groundbreaking but still a decent to use as daily driver. The screen produces some rich colors and have good saturation and decent viewing angles. Being an Amoled display the problem arrives in direct sunlight, the display is not bright enough to be seen clearly under direct sunlight. Besides that it is a good display but Samsung would have made it better. 

             The S4 Zoom is all about camera. It has a 16 MP auto-focus camera with 10x optical zoom. It also has some features like image stabilization, HDR  and panorama. The Camera can record 1080p video 230 fps. The shots taken in proper lightning and outdoors were very good, the camera performs well when there is proper lightning but when it comes to low light photography then don't expect much from this camera.
                                                                                                                                                         The Camera interface is the same as that found on other new Samsung There is also a 1.9 MP front facing camera for video calling.
Galaxy S4 Zoom

Software and Interface:
                                     The S4 Zoom runs Android 4.2.2 with Samsung's own TouchWiz UI. As expected from the TouchWiz UI there are a lot of Samsung features present on this Camera phone. This phone has all the features except the air gesture features which are present on the flagship. Some of the useful features include smart stay, expanded notifications with quick toggles etc. Another added feature is that the Zoom ring can be used for quick shortcuts.

                     The phone has a 1.5 Ghz Dual-Core processor with 1.5 GB of Ram. The phone performs very well on day to day usage and can performs most task easily. Multi-tasking is smooth and fast thanks to 1.5 GB Ram. Sometimes though we experience some lag while moving to home screen and switching between apps. The phone performs well throughout the day.
Galaxy S4 Zoom

  • Good Camera
  • Good overall performance
  • 10x optical zoom
  • Zoom ring can be used for quick shortcuts and for zooming while in camera
  • No significant feature that could stand on the flagship name of 'S4'
  • Poor low light camera performance
  • Display could have been at least 720p
Rating: 7.4/10 
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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Why Google's Event on 24th July was successful

Google recently had there event on 24th of July. The event didn't contained any major announcement or software updates but it had 2 awesome devices to be considered. The first one is the new Nexus 7 2013, this was probably expected already from the leaks. This is a very capable tablet at a very affordable price. Check out more in our full review of Nexus 7 2013. Google also announced Android 4.3 which extremely focus of performance and graphics enhancement. It has new features like Bluetooth low energy, Open Glx 3.0. One more device which was just unexpected by anyone was the Chrome Cast. This tiny little device completely ditched away Apple TV with a 35$ price tag. To know everything about this device just go to: Everything you need to know about Chrome Cast.
The combination of new amazing Nexus 7 along with Chrome Cast and backed up by Android 4.3 was a very smart step which led to the success of this event. People were amazed by two awesome devices with a very low price point

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